myplasticheart for Five Points Festival 2018

Here's some of the goodies you'll find at the myplasticheart booth #336 at Five Points Festival 2018 this coming weekend (June 2-3):

- (Top-left) "The Messenger" Red Edition by kaNO (produced by Munky King Toys) is US$60 each. Quantity unknown.

- (Top-right) "OG Ghetto Card" by kaNO. Quantity unknown.

kaNO will be SIGNING at the myplasticheart booth #336 on Saturday 6/2 (1-2PM).

- (Above-left) "Birb Type Big Apple Edition" by High Proof Toys is cast in a glossy red pearl and ready for its New York City debut, each priced at US$35.00. Quantity unknown.

- (Above-Right) "Captain MITT" by Six Twentyeight (previously featured) is limited to xxxpcs, each priced at US$65.00.

- (Top-left) "Daioh Negora Fruit Candy" by Konatsu is US$80.00 each, and features milky white translucent vinyl with pink, green, yellow and orange spray. Quantity unknown.

- (Top-right) "Statue of Liberty Fortune Uamou" by Uamou is priced at US$40.00 each. Quantity unknown.

- (Above-left) "Inuharigons" by Teresa Chiba features the ““Dawn Galaxy”” Inuharigon with blue glitter sofubi with pink and metallic blue accents. A few original edition Inuharigon will be available as well! Price & Quantity unknown.

- (Above-right) the 10-inches tall "Yu Shou Long" by Black Seed Toys is priced at US$300. and features turquoise, purple and gold highlights with glow in the dark eyes. Quantity unknown.

Above: (previously featured)BoxCats from Rato Kim - with “Take Care of Yourself” Boxcat @ US$40 per, and "Flower BreadCat" @ US$35 per.