#playingwith CHUBBY CUTE KAIJU EYEZON from Max Toy Co

And while it might not be that prevalent in my lacklustre photography skills (*cough*), is the pearlescent surface of this vinyl toy - cast in white pearl vinyl - shimmering under the light, that gives the lil'touch of "magical sprinkles" to the 3-inch tall figure, IMHO.

This is the chubby "chibi"-fied version of Max Toy Co's EYEZON kaiju (OG-sculpt & Micro versions / New Version) and is a deceptively simple wee figure, when in fact the paint application is supremely on-point and crisp! And that sculpt, with flowers sprouting on of it's head, and that wee birdie? ADORABLE!

If you want to call this a "Girl-Eyezon" (because of the "flowers"), I cannot fault you ... but regardless of kaiju-gender, this lil'cutie is a real cutie!

Standing 3-inches tall, the CUTE KAIJU EYEZON had been priced a US$32.00 on www.maxtoyco.com, with this particular edition a "Shanghai Toy Show"-exclusive (since Sold Out). Multiple colorways has also been released in Japan since it's launch in late-2017 - which you might want to stay connected to IG @quackmaxx for peeks (*Not on your usual Western streams).

I'd also recommend you stay connected to Instagram/Twitters @maxtoyco for updates on new editions!

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