"Reddiechi" Janky-design by Jake Parker (for Super Plastic)

From the stunning list of invited luminaries in the JANKY Series 1 line-up from Super Plastic (now LIVE on Kickstarter), was a name familiar to me, but not necessarily that "active" (if at all) in toy culture: one Mr "Jake Parker" - who is an illustrator and cartoonist by profession, and having the distinct honor of being the creator/originator of "Inktober"!

A annual online/Instagram-based event that takes place over the entire month of October, whereby folks draw/illustrate a single inked drawing a day, and post on IG! I am familiar with him and his work via Inktober, and whose "Finished, Not Perfect" video has personally inspired me to push forth with my doodling attempts :)

Stay connected to Mr Parker's Instagram / Twitter / YouTube Channel for more of his ART!

And while I am uncertain if his JANKY-design is the first work he has done/designed for (production) collectible toys, but I am nevertheless utterly surprised, delighted and excited for it! Meet "Reddiechi" - who is apart of the "Stretch Goals" for the Kickstarter!

UPDATED: Kickstarter Stretch Goal since launched, with the challenge being that folks are to download this Janky coloring page, then post your art on social media (with the hashtag "MY#JANKY"), and once a 100 drawings have been reached, Super Plastic will add Jake Parker's "Reddiechi" to JANKY Series 1. Very apt a task what with Mr Parker being the creator of Inktober and all!

"When he came to me with Janky, I was like, what's on the inside of this thing? Immediately I started ripping off the exterior of it, and wanted to figure out what was inside, and what made it work. A great character design ... what you need to find is something iconic you can just hang the whole design on." - shared Jake Parker in his interview for Super Plastic.