Seen @ Thailand Toy Expo (Day One)

(Slideshow on Instagram)

"Work" has kept me away from this blog this week, and I've been posting images on my Instagram instead - including this selection/collection of images - spotted on my IG-stream and seen at Day One of TTE, now featured HERE in full!

Scroll down to view and feel free to click thru to the originators of the images - to keep yourselves updated on what's going on now at both Thailand Toy Expo 2018 (May 3-6) - happening at Central World mall in Bangkok, AND to see further updates on availability of the goodies you see here, perhaps after TTE? Happy Toy Hunting, folks!

The line-up of VTSS-produced toys on show are getting me all excitable and such, and I NEED to have some of them (even thou I want them ALL, but can't afford them, "damn economics"!), especially the SPONGEBOB and PATRICK adaptation by Miguel Vasquez!!!!

Featured here are new products from QUICCS (TAGGED #onTOYSREVIL), including the new CAMPUS HEARTTHROB Edition SHARKO&REMI (TTE-Exclusive), a similarly colored NANO TEQ flanking the previously featured B&W Nano TEQs!

A schweet line-up of customs from Remjie Malham at TTE, with her currently being a guest at the WEE TOYS Gallery (alongside Jon-Paul Kaiser and Candie Bolton!

The ever-excellent 1000Tentacles array of products is both exciting and desirable! Apparently from the image (above), with the Event-exclusive Dead Mouse and 1000Monsters (Series 2) has since SOLD OUT on Day One! But there's still Screaming Monster (1000Tentacles' first VINYL TOY!) to look forward to folks! #NEED

Eun Byeol Choi AKA LOFI Collective for SunnyAndCloudyWeatherShop (exhibiting alongside Jyelloween of TOWOOZ) showcases her colorways of SKOLL (Event Exclusive Colorways!), AND a new "seated down"-Skoll! Does this mean she's a articulated Skoll? Or just a straight-up folded/sculpted "seated" figure??? NIIICE

All set and ready! First come first serve! 都準備好了~先到先買唷!

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Fanny Kao AKA FuFuFanny is boothing under The Little Hut banner (Square A / Booth no. i3) - alongside fellow Taiwan-based creator SHON, and Japanese designers T9G and Shoko Nakazawa!

I have been gushing about Thailand-based Poriin's FENNI resin cutie since its inception, and the new colorways for TTE is adorable to the A!

All set up for Thailand Toy Expo!

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Singapore's very town Daniel Yu is boothing solo this year at TTE, and he is bringing along a slew of awesome original resin-ness & VINYL, and you can see MORE of the on his Instagram @thedanielyu!

I have yet to have the opportunity to gush on this blog as yet (besides on my Instagram), but these vinyl versions of Eric Christian's GWEN THE CORGI is utter-adorable, can?! Head to the Kurobokan booth for more! And someone help snag me a GWEN OG colorway, pleeeeeeease???? ANYONE? Hello?