Tenacious Toys-exclusives Purple Inner Child Deluxe Set & Switchface Pilldrone by Nerviswr3k for #FivePointsFestival 2018

TENACIOUS TOYS PRESS: "Tenacious Toys is teaming up with AZ-based artist Nerviswr3k to release a couple exclusive resin figures at Five Points Festival 2018 Booth 234 in early June.

The first exclusive is the Purple Inner Child Deluxe Set. This is a 2-piece set containing a purple 4.5" Inner Child vinyl figure and a purple 2.5" resin Pill Drone. The Pill Drone are hand cast and hand painted by Nerviswr3k. The Deluxe set also contains an original sketch by Nerviswr3k, and will come in a box adorned with Pill Drone sticker art by Gavin Rivas.

There are 20 Purple Deluxe sets and they will be US$85 each at Booth 234."

FYI: If I am not wrong, the Purple Inner Child was available as a NYCC-exclusive in 2015 (the 4th and final production colorway), but with this edition, there is a wonder addition of a "Pilldone"!

TENACIOUS TOYS PRESS CONTINUED: "The second exclusive is a red 2.5" Switchface Pill Drone figure which comes with four interchangeable magnetic faces. The Red Switchface Pilldrone set is US$75 and is limited to 5 sets at Booth 234."

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