The Great Merlion Figure Design Contest

Updated 30.6.2018: Contest has since ended. We are no longer accepting submissions, thank you for your interest.

Launched today is “The Great Merlion Figure Design Contest” (TAGGED #onTOYSREVIL), whereby YOU are given the chance to provide skin-designs for their MERLION collectible figure form, with winning designs having the chance to be made into production 2-inch tall Merlion vinyl figures from "Great Twins"!

THIS is what you need to do:


(1) DOWNLOAD the Official Blank Merlion Template in Ai format (Here via Google Drive).

*Shown above is the JPG image (for reference only, not for submission).

(2) *Illustrate your designs on said Blank Merlion Template.

(3) And Email said designed template back to us!

(4) Contest Winner(s) will be chosen by Great Twins.

1. There is no limited to the number of designs to be chosen.

2. Winning design(s) will be produced and be in the line-up in The Merlion Blind Box 2-inch tall collectibles from "Great Twins" (Either Series 1 or 2), or launched as "Event Exclusive" releases!

3. Winners will receive 40 pieces of their own winning designs, to do as you deem fit.

FYI: While Great Twins will cover shipping costs, they will not cover custom duty/tax for the items.

1. All Design for the Contest Submissions are to be done on the official Blank Figure Template. No further alteration is allowed on the template.

2. *All Design Contest Submissions are to be in Ai (Adobe Illustrator) file(s). No other file/format (JPG, hand-drawn etc) will be accepted as "design submission". This requirement is non-negotiable.

Other than submitting your entry to us in AI format, you will also need to also attach a JPG for our visual reference.

2a. UPDATED: Due to popular requests, JPEG images are also now being accepted, in addition to Ai files (Size: Minimum 1600pixels across)!

3. There is no limited to the number of submissions.

4. All Design Entries/Submissions are to email "" and (C/C) "" (With the subject title: “The Great Merlion Design Contest Submission”), no exceptions.

- Do include your NAME and COUNTRY of origin, not forgetting your Instagram and/or Twitter account name.

- The email account you submit your designs with will be used to communicate with you hereafter.

This contest is rated "PG-16".

The "Merlion" is a "national mascot character" representing Singapore, hence no religious, racial, defamatory, adult imagery or connotations are allowed nor will it be accepted. "Great Twins" reserves the right of refusal of submission(s) deemed inappropriate, without any form of clarification or notice.

This contest is opened to anyone and everyone on the face of this Earth!

1. Design Contest to Launch May 30th, 2018 @ 12noon GMT.

2. Submission Deadline before June 30th, 2018 @ 12noon GMT.

3. Winners will be announced on the TOYSREVIL-Blog on July 9th, 2018 (and subsequently via related social media channels).

1. Submission Of Design Template mean that You (The Contestant) have read and understood and accepted the basic Terms & Conditions laid out in this blog-post.

2. All designs submitted will be copyrighted to Great Twins.

3. Winning Designer(s) might be asked to further illustrate their designs (beyond the existing Contest Template) after being chosen, inclusive of packaging design and/or marketing materials related to the winning design.

4. Note that submitting your work/s to this contest means that you have agreed to allow "Great Twins" and TOYSREVIL the express permission to utilize your submissions/submitted designs for promotional basis in relation to the contest, and promotion of the contest.

5. We are asking you to submit a digital copy of your artwork and NOT to send in the real product.

6. We reserve the right of refusal of submissions we deem inappropriate, without any form of clarification or notice.

7. While TOYSREVIL is facilitating this contest, the prizes are courtesy of "Great Twins", and will be wholly fulfilled by "Great Twins".

(*This is a Paid Advertorial Blogpost*)