The Sucklord Makes "Satan" Toys!

"Those are dope as Hell!!! Literally!" commented @arctictyler13, and I couldn't agree with him more!

(Posted IG slideshow)
"Robert Leroy Johnson (May 8, 1911 – August 16, 1938) was an American blues singer-songwriter and musician, was accused of having sold his soul to the devil at a local crossroads of Mississippi highways to achieve success." (Wiki)
The Super Sucklord manifests "SATAN" as resin toys! (*Yet another "reason" for folks to go up-in-arms about "deviant toys"). From legendary "accused" musicians to fictional comic book characters, these tongue-in-toy-cheek one-offs had since been Sold Out on the Super Suck Store, but still hella fun to check out the pieces!

All items feature a 3 & 3/4" resin bootleg pre-painted figure, packaged on a 8" x 10" framed graphic, ready to be hung in your homes, and be accused of "worshipping the devil"! :p

Totally appreciate the artist for working outside the "familiar" comfort zone of "Star Wars"-homages, and choosing his own themes to expand his art on, rather than just "following a trend", IMHO ... and NO, I am not promoting "Satanism" here - Don't be silly...!

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