WORD. @ Kult Gallery (May 18 - June 20, 2018)

An art show of writing.
Translator not included.

"WORD" is the name/title of Kult Gallery's latest show, with the exhibition commemorating the art of the written; "welcoming works from artists all over the world that have interpreted scripts such as Arabic, Braille and Urdu. Delve into the art through interactive installations like augmented reality experiences, 3D and live art."

The exhibition is part of Singapore Writers’ Festival (SWF) POP, an ongoing series of events prior to the main event in Nov 2018.

Opens to the general public from Saturday May 19th 2018 @ Kult Gallery (11 Upper Wilkie Rd, Emily Hill, Singapore 228120). Exhibiting thru June 20th, you can find out more about the event via their Facebook Events page, while we have a preview of select artwork feature here today in this post!

Work from artists including
Alexis Dworsky (DE)
Hegira (SG)
Painter Shabbu (IN)
Nicolas Adhitya (ID)
and more...
WHAT IS A “WRITER”? "Books and solid poetry aside, did you know “a writer” means something completely different in the graffiti scene? Our new show wants to stretch what you know about writing and the visual art of it. Come by to check out works from 25 artists from all over the world commemorating written scripts like Arabic, Braille and Urdu through mediums and styles such as typography, calligraffiti and freestyle. See writing not just on standard canvases, but also in various digital forms such as animations and augmented reality."

(Above video preview for "WORD" by Ravi Manthovani)