1/6 Street Styled Flight Jacket Sets for Men's & Women's by SUPERMCToys

In my "former/earlier" 1/6th-collecting life, I would've GAGGED at seeing these ensemble - featuring non-military street wear clothes AND gear/props - which during the early-2000s were only seen in custom figures with 3-figure prices (it might be the norm now, but back then? *flails*).

From China-based "SUPERMCToys" (www.supermctoys.com) comes 1/6 Street Style Flight Jacket Sets Men's & Women's, featuring the following "accessories";

- MA-1 Flight Jacket Green
- Box Logo Grey Hoodie
- Black Baseball Cap (for Men)
- Red Bottle
- D-Ring Clip
- Studio Headphones White (for Men), Red (for Women)
- Tiger Stripe Camo Pants for Men, Leather Like Skinny Pants for Women
- Yellow Forest Boots
- Bum Bag Black (for Men's) and Red (for Women).
- Stock

And NO, the head sculpt and body do not come with the set ... and if you are wondering why the text "Supermc" instead of "Supreme"... becoz "copyright" :)

Do check in with your fav 1/6-retailer(s) for pricing and availability. More images on Facebook (Source: oscf.net).

I've since set a "challenge" for myself ("WHEN" it will happen is a other story, but): To kitbash a cheap alternative for this - sort of a "retro" poor-man's version, if you will - as I actually do recognise a few pieces from yonks back, from different brands too LOL