KAWS TOGETHER ... Again! Japan Only Web Sales Start June 30th

KAWS TOGETHER vinyl toy (Brown, Grey & Black Editions) from Medicom Toy launching online from 12:00AM June 30th (Sat) via Project 1/6 Rakuten store, Project 1/6 Yahoo! shopping store and MEDICOM TOY in ZOZOTOWN (Source). SRP is ¥36,720 each, and alas the same with their in-store launch: ※For Japan residents only. We do not sell/ship to overseas countries. Sales will end when stocks are sold out.

Is this worthy of a dedicated standalone blogpost on TOYSREVIL? I've tweeted it, Facebooked it ... featured on TOYSREVIL a few times, and had gotten decent bloghits thus far too ... so am I milking it? Well, not if there's folks out there who needs/wants/am interested to know such toynews, innit? I'm here to share my passion for toys yes, and I am also here to hype - by sharing my addiction to toys MUAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA ~ Hey, I don't want to go down that blackhole alone, yeah? It's nice to have someone(s) along to chat in the void, otherwise I'd be talking to myself, innit? Heh.

PLUS, I really, really like these ... seeing them has consistently warmed my toy-loving heart, even if they are/have been somewhat similar images seen off my desktop screen :p

And even if I can enjoy the toys myself, I enjoy seeing them in other folks' collections too! #truestory ... and YES, the figures are "separable"!