Keiichi Tanaami x APPortfolio Skateboard & Pouch Released Online

APPortfolio releases a Skateboard & Pouch from Japanese Magical POP Artist Keiichi Tanaami (Check out his INSANE artwork on, launched June 25th on is the sized 80 x 20cm (Wood) Skateboard (priced at US$105.00), and a sized 32 x 23cm (PU) Pouch (priced at US$65.00).

Expect more products to be released in the coming future. Stay connected to Instagram @apportfolio.

Mysterious Spirited Ghost Skateboard: This skateboard mainly focuses on the creepy skeletal monsters in Mr. Tanaami’s artworks. This work is composed of symmetrical element. Skeletal monsters often appear in his artworks. They are represented as war casualties. At the same time, they also imply that people live in fear. The strong light was emitted, reflecting the Japanese army's searchlight on the American bombers in the memory of his childhood memories. The grandfather's goldfish also implies the wartime memory! This skateboarding is not just a skateboard. It is also like a meaningful artwork. It is great to hang on the wall or use it as a skateboard. It reflects a sense of understanding of the wartime history and urban cultural style! The skateboard is made of wood.

WHO-IS: "Keiichi Tanaami is) Japanese 60's Pop Art and one of the pioneers of the contemporary art!

He is the former Japanese Art Director of PLAYBOY Magazine. His original visual style, the unique color, and the blend of dreams and memories of psychedelic images you can see constantly in his artworks. He has earned the name of a "visual magician". From his techniques to his individual art styles are extremely unique and meaningful.

His works are deeply influenced by “World War II”. His fear of the wars and his health condition made him had a lot of unusual illusions. The skulls in his art are presented as the injured victims. The goldfish images in his art relate to
grandfather’s life story. The reflection of the goldfish is appealed in his art over and over. Cranes, elephants, other creatures and nude women are the theme topics that are the important features of his art."

(Cheers for the headsup, Mengyu)