NEON TECH IRON MAN MARK IV 1/6 Collectible Figure from Hot Toys

I know what you're going to say: "NOT ANOTHER IRON MAN FROM HOT TOYS??!" - understandably so, for folks tired of needing to collect "Iron Men" - "Cashing In On the Desire!" = But who can you blame? The maker for making things that people want to buy? Or people who continue to buy things that the maker makes?

I don't have am answer, and frankly I don't need to give one, and neither is it necessary for me to give one too. I don't collect Hot Toys, much less "HT Iron Men" (*Although I did used to author a dedicated Iron Man toy-blog), so I cannot feel the sting of constant pseudo-"betrayal" certain collectors feel each time a new version of Iron Man is announced ... but then again, collectors have a choice, and there are people who apparently constatly wants to BUY "Iron Man" collectibles. This is a "business" after all = to make things that sell, that people want to buy, innit? :)

Be that as it may, and regardless of intent or public feedback, THIS particular piece looks so utterly EPIC! One peek at it immediately reminded me of a TRON we would've loved to enjoy, had it continued forth beyond it's 28 year old sequel from the O.G. 1982 Disney film. Sure, we've got the LEGO set, but c'mon - amidst all other sequels in pop culture land, we can't have another TRON sequel? LOL

Now if THIS Neon Tech Iron Man had it's own to-scale 1/6 "Light Cycle"? ALL BETS ARE OFF! LOL

Hey, I am alsways down for "remixes", so this'll work for my delicate senses (if not my diminished bank account, of course :p), which I will continue to admire and long from from the comforts of my desktop screen... *miffled-man-sobs*

Scroll thru for more images of the NEON TECH IRON MAN MARK IV collectible 1/6th-scaled figure, along with Hot Toys' press, and be sure to check in with your fav retailer(s) for availablity and pricing!

Iron Man 2 - 1:6 Neon Tech Iron Man Mark IV Collectible Figure

HOT TOYS PRESS: "Iron Man has always been the fan favorite armored super hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! As a special edition release, Hot Toys has pushed the boundaries of possibility and re-imagines the tech-forward suit of armors in bright neon color with scenes of electro futurism inspired by modern computer technology. Based on the blueprint of Mark IV, the newly developed Neon Tech Iron Man demonstrates not only the harmonious interaction between sophisticated device and advanced weapon, but also the visually striking armor that reflects the passion and craft of neon culture."

HOT TOYS PRESS (CONTINUED): "Today, Hot Toys is thrilled to officially introduce the brand new 1/6th scale collectible figure of Neon Tech Iron Man Mark IV that showcases the incredible talented masterpiece with the magical medium of neon.

This high-arsenal suit which incorporated luminous reflective element is a Toy Fair Exclusive item only available in selected markets!"

HOT TOYS PRESS (CONTINUED): "Crafted with phenomenal details that astonish fans with its high level of authenticity, the over 32cm tall diecast Neon Tech Iron Man Mark IV collectible figure has an array of features including movie-accurate proportion and highly detailed armor design with fully enhanced articulations, specially applied shiny black and teal colored armor with luminous reflective patterns appearing under specialized LED light, LED light-up functions on eyes, palms, lower chest and forearms, two sets of interchangeable forearm armor, a pair of attachable lasers, a specially designed hexagonal figure stand with graphic card. Expend your Marvel collections with the innovative pop art-inspired Iron Man suit!"

HOT TOYS PRESS (CONTINUED): "Iron Man 2 1/6th scale Neon Tech Iron Man Mark IV collectible figure will be firstly available on-shelf at Hot Toys’ Flagship store in Shanghai Disneytown Lakeshore and Hot Toys’ Booth B-13 at CCG EXPO 2018! Fans please stay tuned to our announcement on this awesome collectible figure at Fans in other regions can contact your local Hot Toys official distributor for pre-order information."