SOFB BOY RAW Edition V.1 by Taku Obata x Unbox Industries (For June 9 Release)

WHAT/WHO: SOFB BOY RAW Edition V.1 by Taku Obata x Unbox Industries
WHEN/WHERE: Saturday June 9th (22:00PM HKT) on
HOW MANY/HOW MUCH: Unknown / US$85.00 per.

REMARKS: The purple colorway of this 25cm tall soft vinyl figure was first released at the recently concluded Five Points Festival 2018, and now to be made available online. Folks are to keep a keen eye out for the rest of the colorways, innit?

PRESS: "Born in 1980 in Saitama, Japan, where he is currently based. Taku Obata has drawn upon one of the vital elements of Hip Hop culture and channeled it into truly breathtaking figural art that captures the energy and raw power of the B-Boy. As part of his crew Unity selections or via his incredible wood carving, Obata has succesfully intertwined Hip Hop into his career with breathtaking results.

SOFB BOY is a soft vinyl interpretation of an original wooden sculpture by Obata that was digitally scanned for a "Virtual" museum project with ANA in 2016.

Unbox was allowed to use the data to produce an exact soft vinyl interpretation of the sculpture that translates the craftmanship of Obata's original into a new exciting form that allows poseability and dynamism in the hands of the owner."