"Stay Woke" by Jason Limon

Spotted this over on @jasonlimon and needed to showcase here - not neccesarily for any "political message", but purely for the sheers awesomeness of the ART!

"Stay Woke" by San Antonio, Texas-based artist Jason Limon is a sized 16" x 20, Acrylic on panels, with both original (US$2,700.00) and prints (Signed and Numbered edition of 50 - each @ US$100.00) available at shop.limon-art.com .

If you are currently unfamiliar with Jason's letter art, you might recognise his aesthetics in the recently featured JANKY figure skin-design for Super Plastic, and as well his various toys thru the years featured #onTOYSREVIL.


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"I realize the two words have a lot of meaning in U.S. politics, which I do my best to avoid since it seems to just bring on insults and arguments. I'm just hoping we can find a middle ground so that our issues can be solved in a sensible way. I also know that the term "Stay Woke" has been used in the past to encourage equal rights for all. Either way, the words have been lingering in my head and so I put them down in this painting." (@jasonlimon)


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