Super Kaiju Corp's TAKOYAKI-SAN from Mighty Jaxx for June 30 Online Release

WHAT/WHO: Super Kaiju Corp's TAKOYAKI-SAN from Mighty Jaxx
WHEN/WHERE: Saturday June 30th @
HOW MANY/HOW MUCH: 150pcs / US$99 (Free shipping worldwide)

REMARKS: The third fictional character to be released from Mighty Jaxx's SUPER KAIJU CORPS, the 6-inch tall vinyl TAKOYAKI-SAN joins fellow food-themed Tempura-San in their fight against unnamed toy creators of the world! I don't know about you folks, but I've always remembered my takayuki-orders to be in threes or fours, with plenty of bonito flakes FTW! So really, you can't just buy ONE figure, can you? (Heh) ... becoz if I had any $$$ I'd need to get at least TWO ~ MUAHAHAHAAAAAAAA

Purchases from will come with a poster (seen above-right / size unknown) illustrated by Carmen Chen, and as well comes "with a legit Takoyaki recipe formulated by Takoyaki-San himself".

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STORY: "Once a renowned takoyaki master, Takoyaki-San hasn’t been the same since the incident. Now he spends most of his time sulking in the dingiest bars, surrounded by salarymen.

What incident was that? Takoyaki-San does not wish to elaborate further, either because it was too traumatic, or he's a silent-drunk."