SUPREME LEADER LIL KIMMY Cold Cast Bronze from Pobber x FLABSLAB Available Now (plus enamel pins too)

Launched for orders and available online now is the "Cold Cast Bronze" Edition of SUPREME LEADER LIL KIMMY from Pobber x FLABSLAB! Priced at US$300 per, this 9-inch tall bust comes with a "Supreme Leader" sign attached onto figure via magnet.

There is also the GREEN Edition of the bust released (since 2017) and currently available still for US$300 too, if you so desire ... and "No", I will never judge you :)

With the "excitement" of the Trump-Kim summit in Singapore happening right now on Sentosa as I type this (even my mum reminded me about it LOL), and the cost of $20million having to host said summit; looming in the dust clouds hovering above our tiny island State, Pobber mentions; "what better way to mark the occasion then for the release of the Cold Cast Bronze edition." - and the thunderclap from said cloud agrees in earnest! LOL

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And while there isn't a "Trump" bust (see above-left) on sale right now (What a schweet pair of releases that would make!), you can satisfy your needs for couple/couple-collections by scoring some enamel pins here (at US$13 each):