1000toys @ San Diego Comic Con 2018

1000toys will be at San Diego Comic Con 2018 (July 18-22), where they'll be hosted at 3D Retro's Booth #5250, and offering up a selection of their previously released products, along with new debuts - including the U.S. debut of the TOA Heavy Industries 1/12 Synthetic Human Test Body (SRP at US$80 per).

1/12 scale ROBOX made in collaboration with Korean illustrator Kim Jung-Gi in "Canvas white" and "Black" (SRP US$50 for either)

3 x MechatroWego will make their Comic-Con debut - America, Hinomaru (Japan) and Tokyo plus the brand new Tiny WeGo Blind Box series (There are five different designs). No prices mentioned.

From Japanese Mecha innovator IZMOJUKI - comes copies of his recent book Industrial Divinities 207, plus 1/35 scale SIMPLER plastic model kits of the PROBE 20WT available for purchase. No prices mentioned.

Additional 1/6 scale figures available include:

- 1/6 Toa Heavy Industries Synthetic Human Clear (SRP : $125)
- Bait x G.I. Joe x 1000toys 1/6 Snake Eyes Action Figure (SRP : $250)
- Bait x G.I. Joe x 1000toys 1/6 Storm Shadow Action Figure (SRP : $250)
- Joumon Kugutu BOKKOKU (SRP: $230)

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