Custom-Painted Water Gun by Miss Monster & The Dimension Bridging Aspect of Faux Weaponry

Besides creating monsters, masks and toys, Melita Curphy AKA Miss Monster (Instagram @missmonstermel / Tumblr / #onTOYSREVIL) has turned a squirt gun (from Daiso) into a weathered piece of awesome blaster FTW!

And while I can't find the item listed in her online store, you might want to check in with her Patreon page, where she features tutorials about getting this done!
"You can tart up anything with the right paint job! I painted up a squirt gun from Daiso ( Japanese dollar store chain) awhile back because I thought the design was really cool and unique! Brand new toy is at the top and my weathered version is on the bottom." (@missmonstermel)

Featured above-left is a steampunk custom blaster by Richard Page of UME Toys (Featured circa 2013)

Featured-above-right is "Little Brute GP-J7XT" by RD Lucas, found on my flickr-group "raygunz" (*created when I held the Home-made Raygun Contest on TOYSREVIL back in 2009)!

Featured below is my toilet-core raygun, for shits-n-giggles of past nonsense MUAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA ...okay, so maybe not toilet-roll-core-rayguns... :p

Now I am a huge fan of custom-painted faux guns - be it post-apocalyptical or steampunk/dieselpunk - I've always felt they were a key to another dimension level of visual play, especially custom-painted on a Nerf-gun or water pistol!

Paired up with an awesome Cosplay, or displayed singularly (or collectively), I personally appreciate the "dimension bridging" aspect of such makes, bringing our everyday life to another level of FUN and imagination, IMHO. PEW-PEW-PEW!