Horrible Adorables' "Beastminster" @ Woot Bear Gallery (Opens July 7)

Horrible Adorables will be showing at Woot Bear Gallery this coming Saturday, July 7th (Artist Reception: 6-9pm), with a show titled "Beastminster", for which we have some preview images to share here today!

WHAT-IS: "“Beastminster” is a collection of big eyed, neon haired, squee-worthy creatures; but behind their bows and metallic adornments is something unsettling. The colorful critters regally perched on velvet tufts are precious and charming at first glance, but you may also catch glimpses of a grim quality about them. Their sweetness is taken to such an extreme that they are unnatural. This exhibit is inspired by show dog culture where domestic animals are bred and primped to enhance superficial qualities that often result in the animals physically suffering. As animals are overbred by humans, they become caricatures of their true nature."

ARTIST BIO: "Horrible Adorables are strange hybrid creatures from a fantastical world. They are the creations of Jordan Elise Perme and Christopher Lees; a wife and husband team from Cleveland, Ohio. They bring their soft sculptures to life by meticulously arranging patterns of felt scales onto hand carved forms. The resulting characters have qualities that are both cartoonish and eerily realistic at the same time." (horribleadorables.com / Instagram: @horrible_adorables / Facebook)

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