Joe Ledbetter for DC Artists Alley Line - Seen @ San Diego Comic Con 2018

With San Diego Comic Con 2018 (July 18-22) just launched, TWO new artists have been announced to be apart of the DC Artists Alley line, featuring Chrissie Zullo, and a name familiar with folks who read this blog; JOE LEDBETTER! And while previous artists involve might have their own aesthetic interpretations of DC characters, there were predominately bipedal anamorphic representations, whereas Mr Ledbetter's is decidedly "more stylized" than the general masses might expect, and that's a great HURRAH to folks like myself!

On hand are a quartet of characters, reimagined as 7-inch tall designer vinyls, namely BATMAMN and ROBIN, CATWOMAN and PENGUIN! They are currently on display at the DC Booth #1915 in SDCC! (Pic via @DCComics). Expect the products to be release somewhen in 2019, with a SRP of US$60 per (

“I’m a huge Batman fan and to have the opportunity to work with DC Collectibles on a set of Batman characters is a huge deal in my world,” said Joe Ledbetter. “I just love the idea of a bat in a Batman suit, a penguin as the Penguin, etc. There’s something there that’s quite funny and interesting and really excites me. I like to think that these animal Batman characters inhabit a parallel universe where Gotham City is entirely populated by anthropomorphic critters, including the Caped Crusader himself. I think the fun, enthusiasm and love of Batman, Robin, Penguin and Catwoman will shine through on these designer toys and I hope they find a special place on collector’s shelves.” (