KITTY FETUS by Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx for 4th of July Release

Launched for online pre-orders here on the 4th of July (instead of their usual Saturday drops), is KITTY FETUS by Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx! Only in the toy-realms we dwell in do we have a chance to embrace such a macabre-adorable "fetes" of "Hello Kitty" as a collectible to be display on your shelves!

Sized 6" Head to toe (comes with removable base stand), this polystone art figure is limited to 200pcs and is priced at US$149.00 (Free shipping worldwide).
PRESS: "Kitty Fetus was originally sculpted by Jason Freeny in 2012, and 6 years later, Kitty Fetus is making a comeback (still a fetus though) as a larger polystone art collectible!

Kitty Fetus measures 6" from head to toe. We heard that she will be born white, but for now, this embryo of a cat is a glossy fleshy shade of pink. Special attention is paid to the painting of her face to look as though it's covered by a layer of translucent membrane! With a signature red bow already set on her head, this kitty is truly born to be loved!"