"Scarlet Version" SCREAMING MONSTER from 1000tentacles for July 21st Pre-Order

Witness the "Scarlet Version" of 1000tentacles' SCREAMING MONSTER vinyl toy!

Limited to 195 sets worldwide, this edition is priced at US$175 (USD150 + USD25 shipping cost) launched for pre-orders on Saturday July 21st @ 11:00am Malaysia time, with a delivery date of Q4, 2018.

PM or email direct to: pkokartz@yahoo.com (with subject titles: Scarlet Screaming Monster_Pre-Orders) with your interests/orders. Payment to be via Paypal(International), Maybank (Malaysia).

MONSTER Size: 18.5cm, Width10.5cm,Depth12cm
KID Size: Height6cm, Width3.5cm, Depth3cm

ADDED: "Play Test" Video!

Featured below is a peek at the first BLUE Version (limited to 190sets) of the 18.5cm tall ("Monster" height), previously priced at US$175 per set (Price includes shipping cost).

UPDATED with full images:

<Scarlet Screaming Monster> World Wide Pre-Orders start NOW! 1)name : Scarlet Screaming Monster 2)size:Height18.5cm, Width10.5cm,Depth12cm---monster :Height6cm, Width3.5cm, Depth3cm------kid 3) limitted edition world wide:195sets 4)price:USD175 (USD150 + USD25 shipping cost) 5) payment method : Paypal(International), Maybank (Malaysia) 6) packing : tranparent plastic bag with horizontal card clipped. 7) delivery date: Q4, 2018 8) PM us or email to: pkokartz@yahoo.com (with subject titles: Scarlet Screaming Monster_Pre-Orders) <赤色咆哮怪>全球预定现已开始! 1)名称:赤色咆哮怪 2)尺寸:高18.5cm,寬10.5cm,深12cm---怪兽 :高6cm, 寬3.5cm, 深3cm------小男孩 3)全球限量:195套 4)售价:USD175(USD150+USD25 邮费) 5)汇款方式:Paypal(国际), Maybank(马来西亚) 6)包装:横卡透明纸袋 7)出货期:第4季,2018 (Q4, 2018) 8)下单方式:(1)FB/IG私信 或 (2)电邮: pkokartz@yahoo.com (请注明:赤色咆哮怪下单)

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