Tenacious Toys Exclusive Cobalt Armor "Bright Star" by The 3D Hero for July 6th Online Release

Tenacious Toys announces their latest exclusive: "Bright Star" resin figure from The 3D Hero (Images featured here), scheduled for a online release via tenacioustoys.com on Friday July 6 at noon EST.

Bright Star is a resin figure measuring 3.3 inches tall, designed and painted by The 3D Hero.

The 3D Hero (Tavvon Reynolds) has produced a micro run of 5 x Tenacious Toys Exclusive Cobalt Armor Bright Stars for this summer release.

WHAT-IS: "Bright Star is a young hero given a suit with unimaginable power. Thrown into a world where villains are back on the rise, it is up to him to save the day and restore the balance in Hero City... all while getting his homework done on time! With this new Cobalt Armor upgrade, the Hero is bringing POWER to the fight against evil."

(More Bright Star color variants, enamel pins and much more on the3dhero.storenvy.com)

About The 3D Hero: "Tavvon grew up on endless hours of cartoons and tv shows, and has always aspired to become a superhero when he grew up. Just like his favorite characters, The Flash, Blue Beetle and Shazam, he's really just a fun-loving kid inside a toy designer's body."