The ACTION FIGURE STOP MOTION FILM FESTIVAL (formerly know as GI JOE FEST) is the world's first festival dedicated to screening works by stop-motion artists who use Action Figures as main characters or actors.

Submissions are currently underway (via FilmFreeway), with no definitive dates listed as yet. Check out more updates on their Facebook page and Here are the 3 main rules of submissions:

1- Your film MUST be shot using stop-motion technique. Puppetry, wires and live action could also be used as long as it does not comprise 30% of the entire film.

2- Your main character MUST be an ACTION FIGURE (GI JOE, Marvel, DC, TMNT, Star Wars, etc.) from any franchise or maker. Other toys may be used in supporting roles. Barbies are OK. NO LEGOS PLEASE.

3- Your film must have a story. Do not submit animation tests or "to be continue" films.

PRESS: "The Festival combines the excitement of world premiere short-films and fan tributes with the allure of Denver's nightlife. AFFF highlights up and coming filmmakers, as well as masters of the craft and has already attracted award winning films in the past years. Independent in every sense, these films share the same willingness to challenge the conventions set for stop-motion.

We are a distribution vehicle for truly indie animators that distrust the commercial film festival circuit. We are a celebration of what is possible in independent stop-motion animated films.
Selected by Movie Insider as America’s “most original film festival,” the Action Figure Stop Motion Film Festival was created in 2005 by Gio Toninelo to celebrate the dying art form of stop-motion while paying tribute to the world's favorite posable toy: the Action Figure. The Film Festival hosts screenings, competitions and workshops to showcase the best work within the genre. AFFF kicks off in Denver before traveling to cities around the world."

TOYSREVIL had the opportunity to be a (Media) Sponsor for the "2nd G.I.Joe Stop Motion Film Festival" too circa 2008 (*CLICK HERE to read my interview with event creator Gio Toninelo), and since the unfortunate crackdown by Hasbro of the film fest's name, it has since found life as "The Action Figure Film Festival", and I am truly happy to see this fest alive-and-well, now being able to encompass MORE in terms of characters too, beyond the Joes! #EXCITED

The existence of this festival also inspired me to one day realise my toy-dreams of doing a short featuring my beloved 1/6th too! But that remains a "dream" still ...


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