The Pop-Cultural Appropriation of The Simpsons As Collectible Bootlegs for San Diego Comic Con 2018 - Available via DKE Toys

Besides the Star Wars-themed pop-culture appropriation goodness to be had at DKE Toys (Booth #5045), folks-n-fans of "Matt Gronening's "The Simpsons" might get a kick out off these: "Magic Krustovski the Jiggly Clown" by Dollar $lice Bootlegs, and "Two-Rad: Crust-Man Bart-Off" by Panda Propaganda Toys!

"D$B answers the age old question. What would Krusty do? Or what would he not do?!? For SDCC our animated clown pal is still finding ways to get into trouble. Not sure what Dollar $lice has against Krusty, but these torturous toys keep selling out, sooooooo… "
"Magic Krustovski the Jiggly Clown" by John Pryor AKA "Dollar $lice Bootlegs" (Instagram @dollar_slice_bootlegs / #onTOYSREVIL) features hand cast and painted 3.75" carded figure, possessing magnet articulation! Each priced at US$55 - coming in signed and numbered in an edition of only 30.

Some folks say "two heads are better than one"... and Panda Propaganda Toys agrees with'em! Introducing Two-Rad: Crust-Man Bart-Off = a hand-cast and pre-painted 6” carded figure available for US$85 each, in a signed and numbered edition of only 20.

PSST: Can’t make it to the show? Email for the waitlist.