1983 Art Toy Show | 19八3 (Aug 4-5, 2018)

Date: 4th-5th August, 2018
Time: 4th (10:00am-06:00pm), 5th (10:00am-05:00pm)
Location: Enjoy Art Museum, 798 ArtDist, Beijing, China.

The "1983 Art Toy Show | 19八3" is a literal art toy showcase of an international list of folks in the toy-scene, some displays of whom have been featured in this post today (including my previous feature for Jeremiah Ketner's customs), that are on my IG-feeds = many of whom are present/in attendance at the venue too! Check out the below-featured ad image for an impressive collection of folks represented!

Organised by 1983 Toys, you might want to check out their Facebook page for uber MORE info, and you might also want to check online for their product listings here and here (in Mandarin/Chinese language).

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THE place for folks to go now is in China, where a slew of shows/festivals/events are held very regularly (I can't keep up! LOL) to showcase/sell designer toys and custom art toys to a massive market currently sponging up the scene (Mark Nagata of Max Toy Co shares his impressions), and with organisers keen to fly artists/designers into the event as well, this becomes a necessary added bonus for everyone involved, and the ever growing international scene/culture as well, IMHO. Too bad TOYSREVIL is blocked (and perhaps non-existent?) in China, courtesy of the Great China Internet Firewall LOL

1983 ATS 潮玩藝術展,Show time!

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