CHICKEN FAIRY by Tik Ka From East x Mighty Jaxx for Aug 18th Online Release

WHAT/WHO: CHICKEN FAIRY by Tik Ka From East x Mighty Jaxx
WHEN/WHERE: Saturday, 11 August 2018 (10am EDT) on
HOW MANY/HOW MUCH: 200pcs / US$300 (with free shipping worldwide)

REMARKS: The fastfood fried-chicken "fairy" (A "colonel" upgraded to diety is not bad, innit? :p) is seen in the image up top with another of Tik Ka From East's earlier release with MJ; "HAMBUDDHA"! LOVE the direction, inspiration and similarly-themed figures! (They are both after all in the same art series :p) ... I don't like collectibles which "stand alone" by it's lonesome. but that's just me, perhaps :p LOL

Standing 12-inches tall, you can read up about the genesis of this figure here - for which the below initial sketch and quote is from.
"These works were taken from Tik Ka From East's series "Eat Good West", "食好西” in Chinese. It's actually a wordplay on the trending phrase which originated from Hong Kong celebrity James Ng's infamous typo in a Facebook status. The phrase was meant to mean "Eat Good Food" (食好东西) but the missing character rendered the phrase nonsensical with the meaning of "Eat Good West"."