#draw53sg - A Showcase of SG Art for National Day 2018

SINGAPORE celebrates it's 53rd "birthday" today, August 9th; "National Day" (a public holiday here in SG too), and I'd thought to help celebrate the occasion with a blog-feature showcasing our nation's Illustrative Arts, with folks showcasing food, fellow Singaporeans, friends & folks in SG, happenings and the #singaporelife!

Featured here are illustrations tagged #draw53sg, and are direct embeds of the artists (*whom you can click back to view MORE of their works/art on Instagram!), and essentially folks here in SG you should get to know of, IMHO! I will continue to update this post thru the weekend, as submissions come in.

Happy 53rd Birthday, Singapore!

Kueh Rochor #draw53sg

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This simple breakfast spread of 2 half-boiled eggs with dark soya-sauce and white pepper, alongside a kaya toast combo, washed down with black coffee no sugar, is a “typical” Singapore breakfast I am used to, that reminds of my home country ... not necessarily the “taste”, but sometimes of the everyday mundane folks - like myself - have taken for granted. I do not wholly enjoy Kopi oh korsong, only becoz post-Stroke I try to avoid sugar thanks to my diabetes, and milk as it has since become disagreeable with my tummy hahaha simple food and beverage but can’t simply eat them guiltlessly :p ... but I can’t complain about my status quo, at the very least I can enjoy the eggs nomnomnom I don’t necessarily adore it, as much as I appreciate it :) This is my contribution to #draw53sg, celebrating Singapore’s 53rd Birthday, #onTOYSREVIL :) #hengdraw #sg53 #5x53sg #toysrevilart #singaporelife

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GENESIS: I'd asked a bunch of folks (at the very last minute, my bad), and as well open to the public on my Instagram if they could contribute to a specifically-themed blog-feature, showcasing Art/Illustration/Drawings/Doodles of all-things any-things "Singapore", in celebration of Singapore's 53rd National Day today, August 9th!

And while my initial aim was to showcase literally "53" drawings (*insane at the very last minute, I know, I know... :p) perhaps what matters more, is what folks choose to show what Singapore is about, on a personal level. Thanks to everyone who contributed and took part in this!


Looking for doodles/illustrations about Singapore by Singaporeans or folks currently based in Singapore, for (possible) blog-post on TOYSREVIL, on National Day (August 9th)! Be it existing illustrations or brand new doodles - AS LONG AS they are drawing/illustration/doodles, NOT "photographs", thanks. Only "photos" would be your street art / graffiti you did on walls and surfaces in Singapore :p They could be colored, black-n-white, fully painted, quick doodles, masterpiece - as long as they are YOUR WORKS/ART, not taken from someone else. THEMES: (1) FOOD (2) #singaporelife (3) SG Peeps (4) Street Art (5) Anything Else Hit me up here or in DM with your IG links - as I'd love to embed your pics (as long as they are set to "Public" tho :p) ... or you could hashtag #draw53sg and I'll try and track them down (no guarantees tho :p) ... and yes, I am insane to try to post 53 drawings, I know, I know... Sorry, this is a non-paying project.

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