Mechacalaveritas by Klav9 for ConstrucTOYvism

Kevin Derken AKA Klav9 shares with us images of his custom submission for the Constructoyvism group art show at Clutter Gallery opening this Saturday in Beacon, NYC. As well he shares with us his toy-journey and steps to create this magnificent "MECHACALAVERITAS"!
"I picked up both the calaveritas and mecha calaveritas late last year thru the kickstarter campaign from Ghetto Plastic (Spain). They were a collaboration between Ghetto plastic and the Beast Brothers. When they arrived this summer, I was floored by the production quality, so I bumped them to the front of the queue." - shared Kevin.

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"The calaveritas was snatched up by a collector before it was finished and never made it to public sale. When I was invited by Clutter to participate in the Constructoyvism show, I knew I needed something strong to accommodate the limited pallet. The eyes and mouth were carved out, and a mechanical interior was added along with a few other additions."
"Painted with only red, black, and white lacquer and oil paints ... I (had) used a classic Japanese sci-fi model painting technique using lacquers to build up layers under the white. It is then washed and weathered with oil paint to finish it off. I hand paint everything and kept the brush strokes (which are purposely left visible) all in the same direction to vary the white surface." -added Kevin.

Kevin's one-of-a-kind "Mechacalaveritas" can be had at the exhibition (for US$450 / TBC), and listed online subsequently. You can as well stay connected to his art via Instagram @klav9 and (online shop).