nerviswr3k's Drone Blank Custom Show for DesignerCon 2018

Gabriel Rivas AKA "nerviswr3k" shares with us news of his first ever DIY-platform figure: The "Drone Blank", and the impending “Drone Blank Show” that will debut at DesignerCon 2018 - featuring works from 46 artists. The show will be open throughout the duration of the convention, Nov 16-18 2018. This blank will make its debut @designercon at We Are Not Toys booth #1213.

Featured here are some WIPs snaps, along with an artists list, and of course words from Gabriel himself - whom you should stay connected to Instagram @nerviswr3k for further updates!

(Above: Drone Blanks / Below: WIPs by nerviswr3k on the Drone platform base)
"...I finally got news from my first DIY platform that is named “drone blank” this platform, I’ve been using since a few years back. It’s so versatile and transformative. This figure is designed and produced in-house with the help of a few resin wizards and a knowledgeable roster of talented artists, 46 artists to be exact ... painters, sculptors, resin artists, illustrators, sticker artists and graffiti artists will lend their skills to this show called “Drone Blank Show” this show will debut at this years Designercon on November 16-18. Pieces will be on display for the duration of the convention, after which will moved to an online show (To Be Announced later)." - shared Gabriel Rivas.

(Flyer shown up top designed by @anothersadartist)