The Toys That Made Us Season 3 on Netflix will be featuring...

For the coming toy-documentary "The Toys That Made Us" Season 3 will be featuring "Power Rangers", "My Little Pony", "Wrestling" and "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" (Info & above pic via!

Continuing their seasons on Netflix (watch here), there is currently no specific premiere dates announced as yet for S3. Stay connected to their official Facebook and Twitter for updates.

Season One premiered December of 2017 (I Enjoyed it), while Season Two premiered end of May this year, with a higher level of production (I felt) and entertainment quality - all of which evoked strong memories for me, especially with their "Hello Kitty" episode (which might well turn out to be my fav ep thus far :p), ... and I appreciate that too, as it goes "beyond" just talking about "toys", IMHO. I CANNOT WAIT to watch Season 3! ... although they might have to change the opening title song, as the lyrics say: This is a 8-part documentary series..."!

Watched the final episode of Season 2 of #TheToysThatMadeUs on Netflix - which showcased #HelloKitty ... and the sudden feeling of (misplaced? :p) "pride" when "Singapore" was mentioned (hey, we are not only just about "chewing gum bans" & "graffiti caning" okay? :p), unfortunately in relation to the frenzy in the early 2000’s when folks went toy-insane & fought over McDonalds' Hello Kitty plush & crashed windows (#truestory) ... and a fond memory as I had been involved in creating the television commercial for the plush collectibles in the first instance! Here are some snaps of the sets I created for the shoot (I was Art Director for the production house, but not from the agency), for which I truly wished I had video footage to share now (I had asked for and received a over-dubbed VHS copy instead LOL). Apologies for the shoddy low-res pics (I need to find these negatives again!), with the last (3rd) image being my initial color sketches for the background where I subsequently build the set entirely out of colored paper & card :) Featured #onTOYSREVIL: Continued coverage of HELLO KITTY on #TOYSREVIL: Watch on #Netflix: (Episode 8) #henglifesg #mypreviouslife #backintheday #TBT #TVC #singaporelife

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