MR.Q @ Illustration Arts Fest 2018

Since my last blog-feature and online-gawk, I'd since had the chance to gas in-person at the recent Illustration Arts Fest, where TWO colorways of MR. Q were on display and available to purchase!

Created by Vincent Ow / VYNC of Singapore and 13Art / Skullman from Taiwan, "Mr. Q" was priced at SG$100 per set of two figures = which includes the dome-helmeted character we've previously seen, and a smaller "bear"-head companion figure on a (hover) space module - which I suspect the removable acrylic dome could fit over...? Would be hella fun tho :)

Besides the snaps, I'd shamelessly pawed the figures, which were very sturdy ABS (I think) figure base, and exceedingly attractive in it's colorways featured (The vibrant PINK and MINT are excellent choices, IMHO), and looks to be fun with stories to be had and played out with! I very nearly walked away home with one too... nearly...

No news thus far for online availability (that I know of), and you can connect with Instagram @art_alcmy for updates.

*Apologies for the weak-images featured ... in my defence, I was too excited to discover them, and struggled with my bag of goodies purchased! True story, bro!

[Above images previously Instagrammed]