*Ring-a-ling* - Introducing the "ICE CREAM BREAD NIMBUS" from Kurobokan

Seen on display at the recent Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Con (8-9 Sept 2018) is an upcoming NEW vinyl collectible from Kurobokan, which is themed specifically to Singapore! Did you notice this particular minty-chocolatey cutie at the Kurobokan display in the Action City zone? Say hello to the "ICE CREAM BREAD NIMBUS"! (Name Pending)

This is a new sculpted incarnation of their Daydream Nimbus (by Unbox Industries, who as well continues to make these collectibles, as have all their Daydream Nimbus editions) - the idea for which was;
"(to) bring back memories of their famous 1$ ice cream sandwich... although its not 1$ anymore..." - shared Paulus Hyu.

Folks in Singapore have - for many years - enjoyed their scoops of ice cream sandwiched within bread slices, offered up by the travelling Ice Cream bike cart, whom folks recognise from the "RING-RING*-ing of their bell! I am of the olden persuasion when it was just a slice of white bread, but recent modern ay advancement has since rainbow-pastel colored bread the wrap of choice along Orchard Road!

While featured above are snaps of the STGCC exhibit, shown below however, are is the collectible alongside an actual ice cream vendor along Orchard Road! *RING-RING*

No current release date has been revealed, with the name of the collectible itself currently being discussed too! All I know is I want a durian-flavored Nimbus ~ MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA