"Crouching Shogun, Hidden Ninja" - 2PetalRose's Solo Show at Woot Bear (Opens Jan 12)

2PetalRose shares with TOYSREVIL news+images of his first solo show "Crouching Shogun, Hidden Ninja" - opening Saturday 12th of January (6pm till 9pm) at Woot Bear, San Francisco. (Haight Street) and will run through January 2019!

The show will feature about 20 pieces by himself (showcased here), and 13 x custom Kid Katana figures by a few of his fave artists (We'll see them in a separate post)!

Liam Scriven himself will be in attendance on Opening Night, so this'll be a perfect chance to connect with the United Kingdom-based artist! All pieces will be also be available online via wootbear.com

Liam's Samurai-era styled characters are themed against a somewhat "alternative" world where military and enforcement services exist, and as well his urban-streets x space adventure themed fusion, are set too thrill and excite folks and fans! It certainly has ME!

This was what Liam has to add about his creations: "I’m seeing this series as set in a future or parallel world where instead of apes, samurai now control.. planet of the samurai?!"

I'll also recommend you stay connected to his Instagram @2petalrose to view ongoing WIPs (some of which are featured here as well).