David Tan's #TopTenToysof2018

2018 has come to an end, most of the toys that I picked for top 10 are mostly not new because Ii opened only when I felt I want to, you'll be surprised on what's on number one!

2018 also brought up new gadgets for some photos which is a new camera and a new phone (not Apple :p) that hopefully resulted in better photos, but sadly although I still bought lots of toys in 2018, not much that I actually open (yes, still got heaps of toys to open!)

I've also got extra instagram account too, now I am on @davidthekiller and @kaiju_mafia (don't ask me why).

David Tan

#10: Gegege No Kitaro (Bandai)
I've been collecting Gegege No Kitaro figures for a while, everytime when I visit toys stores abroad and saw one(s), I usually buy, this Kitaro is quite old but sometimes the older the better, and got in a 'secret' toy market next to Taipei Toy Festival place (only those who know), with real cloth, some eyes feature and kicking action feature (made in japan).

#9: Sleepwalker (from Kurobokan)
The earliest release of Paulus Hyu's in sofubi world, and this one is number one, sometimes it matters to me.

#8: Rotten Rexx (Lulubell Toys x James Groman)
One of the longest figures I had waited for - it was meant to be a OG coloured version of the RR, but at the end they couldn't "afford" to do it, pity, but instead they gave us extra other head and like very long to wait, still an awesome colourway for an awesome figure!

#7: Heisenberg (Breaking Bad by threezero)
A must have figure for me, especially from a great television series, there's always a room (or 2) for 1/6 figure for a top 10 every year.

#6: Deadpool (Hot Toys)
Hot Toys always good at making 1/6 figures but with so many selections and premium on prices, you can't just buy all, Deadpool is one of the must ones for me though.

#5: Smokey (Monger by Kozik x Kidrobot)
Size does matter, especially it's Smokey! 300mm from a friend with a price i can't resist. I was sold. (Smoking kills).

#4: Godzilla 1992 (x-plus)
If you are into kaiju and you never know about x-plus, then now you know, the best toy company to 'cover' the amazing monster called Godzilla and other kaijus is xplus, very detailed, a bit pricey but worth the money, my 1st godzilla xplus for me (not the last) and 1992 godzilla is one of my all time favourites.

#3: Bulkarm (Hexagram by Kotobukiya)
I thought I did't want to buy model kit toys anymore ... then this one caught my attention! From cool concept, details parts and a not so boring Gundam assemble, I was sold. (There's a pilot model kit that sold separately that can put inside the robot, which is my next model kit to assemble).

#2: The Woodsman (by Jon-Paul Kaiser)
JPK is always one of my fave custom artists, when he release his own design figures and his own painting, I need it! While it's quite long to finish due to busy Jon, it's worth the wait in especially I heard this is the last one ever!

#1: Big Rollin' Rascal (by Scott Tolleson)
A very old toy that I opened in 2018 and it's on my top list, a design that looks nice and being made exactly as what it looks like on the artwork, the expression, the vehicle and the paint are so good, winner!

[ This blogpost was authored in full by David Tan ]