KAWS:HOLIDAY in Taipei Launches Jan 19 with Inflatable Installation & Collectibles

Remember when KAWS had the KAWS:HOLIDAY in South Korea? The project will next be heading to Taipei, of course along with collectible goodies to be had!

Time: Jan 19 - 27, 2019
Location: Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Taipei

Featured above is the test inflation of the installation figure (sized 36 meters long), and yes, the COMPANION is a different "pose" this time around, getting up from lounging/floating on its back in the sea most probably! The collectibles will follow suit this pose too!

In collaboration with @arr.allrightsreserved, a series of KAWS:HOLIDAY limited edition collectibles will be available on Jan 19th. Items include:

Limited edition 7-inch KAWS:HOLIDAY in the new seated position | Price: USD$199

KAWS:HOLIDAY Limited Ceramic Plate Set (Set of 4) | Price: USD$130

KAWS:HOLIDAY Limited T-Shirts - 5 Versions | Price: USD$50

KAWS:HOLIDAY Limited Tote Bag - 3 Versions | Price: USD$50

>>> Taipei orders: In Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Taipei starting from Jan 19 - 6pm (Taipei time).

>>> International orders: dingdongtakuhaibin.com and @ARR.AllRightsReserved - Jan 19 - 6am (EST) / 7pm (HKT).

>>> China orders: @clot - Jan 19 - 6am (EST) / 7pm (HKT).