"HelloKitty TEQ" from Quiccs x Sanrio x Kidrobot for Feb 8th Release

In addition to my earlier blog-feature, further news and images has arisen for "HelloKitty TEQ" from @quiccs x @sanrio x @kidrobot, since scheduled for a February 8th drop (at 10:00am) - both on Kidrobot.com and select retailer(s). Further details pending :p

"The "HelloKitty TEQ" concept sketch I made for our project is about a girl who lives in my dystopian robotic universe "Bulletpunk". She is part of the remaining human survivors who slowly unearth devices and artifacts from our past civilization and build their beliefs and ideologies around them. You may join The Bulletpunk Network on Facebook if you want to learn more about this universe" - shared QUICCS.
"I'm giving away a signed art print of this illustration to the first person who can guess the early 90's movie that I'm winking at by designing the pacifier she has on her helmet. Send your answers via the comments below!" - shared @quiccs (on Facebook / on Instagram)

(Above product pic via Dinah McChesney)

And because TOYSREVIL is not in the loop on these releases, we have to thank the kind posters for the headsup info of another color way of the figure to be had - in black and pink (no doubt a KR-exclusive, in addition to the "regular" colorway) ... and even the mention of "the other three colorways" (????). No names nor images will be reproduced but you can check out this thread on Facebook (you guys rock, Brad & Gary!).