Project GORB (Soviet War Machine) from Condenser Labs on IndieGoGo

PRESS: "Condenser Labs announces launch of IndieGoGo campaign to release the first chapter of the Project GORB - a sci-fi project, containing a comic book and collectible figurines.

Narrative part of the Project GORB is represented as a comic book drawn by Alexander Utkin. This campaign presents the first chapter of the adventure. The whole story will be a massive sci-fi graphic novel with a lot of multimedia add-ons. Comics available in digital and printed copies with branded T-shirts and printed poster art by Natalia Grebionkina."

PRESS CONTINUED: "The statue of 3-meters height battle robot is 30 centimeters or 12 inches high. It has a recognizable soviet propaganda image and unique mecha design, developed in collaboration with scientists, and sculpted with help of many techniques, from photogrammetry to hard-surface modelling. It comes in three options: vacuum-casted resin kit, cold-casted metal kit, or ready-to-exposure assembled and weathered statue." (Saint-Petersburg, Russia / February 5th, 2019)

– Product Name: GORB system battle mecha unit.
– 1/10th scale resin (or metal) product.
Approximately 370mm in height (with stand).
– Series: Project GORB
– Price: USD 150/200/250 + shipping
(Early Bird discounts available)
– Quantity:
Resin Kit - 300 copies,
Metal Kit - 150 copies,
Assembled Statues - 150 copies.
– Release Date: 2019/10
(preorder starts on February 5th)

(Cheers for the headsup Maksim)