"The Descendent" & "Slingshot" by James Jean x Hands In Factory for ETERNAL JOURNEY @ Lotte Museum, Seoul, Korea

I woke up to this gorgeous image of American-Taiwanese visual artist James Jean's "The Descendent" (made by Hands in Factory), which is apart of the artist's solo gallery showing in Lotte Museum in Seoul, Korea, titled "Eternal Journey", of which featured here are a small selection of images, with more featured here in giantrobot.com, and as well view coverage!

"The Descendant" is one of the two figures produced by South Korea's Hands in Factory (Featured #onTOYSREVIL), with the other being "S L I N G S H O T" (LIGHT MINT & GOLD Colorway).

THE DESCENDENT was limited to only 30pcs, made of Resin (Toy), Wood (Base), and Acrylic Glass (Base).

SLINGSHOT was made in resin, and limited to only 30pcs.

Both collectibles were available only at Lotte Museum itself, and were Sold Out on the first day of the exhibition!

(Thanks to @a.k.a_uptempo for the info, and image).

"Eternal Journey" launched April 4th and will exhibit thru September 1st, 2019.

"The Descendent balances upon his reflection, the ego resting upon the self. Through the looking glass, we can perceive the sky below and within, as opposed to above and without. The sculpture inverts the environment and guides the gaze inward. As the ego brings the figure downward, the self within the mirror attempts to ascend beyond earthly concerns. The two figures meet at a horizon line of contemplation, an impasse of virtue and vice." ()