"GODZILLA: King of the Monsters" Q Edition Figures Are ADORABLE!

UPDATED June 3/2019: Multiple listing has since appeared online here on the Taiwan sales/auction site (Search "Godzilla 哥吉拉2"). Unknown which sales cater to outside of Taiwan, so you'll need to check them out yourselves - Happy Toy Hunting!

Folks have been "complaining" that the newest incarnation of GODZILLA is too FAT - But I love my destructive kaijus "CHUBBY" - and nothing looks as ADORABLE as a "Chubby Chibi Godzilla"! First spotted this on FB and immediately needed them in my hands! This is what I have found out thus far:

"GODZILLA: King of the Monsters" Q Edition figurines are sized approx. 8cm tall (about a decent 3 inches tall), and there are currently toy 6 designs seen in this series, with each soft rubber+PVC figure blind boxed.

The character design here is likened to an anime-styled chubby-chibi-aesthetic, with Gojira playing in the sea with a rubber ducky, in mid-run, taking a nap on a building, stumped, turning his head, and the spurts-atomic-flame-into-the-sky-pose!

Price is TWD$395 (approx. US$13 / SG$17) per, and this sales listing states this is a "Official License", but I have yet to determine authenticity, nor could I determine the source, beyond this listing. If there was a Display Box image, that would be great tho LOL

Release is scheduled for end-May.

And from this (above) promo image, looks to be another second series coming, featuring "King Ghidorah"?

Be it a legit or bootlegged release, there'd probably be more listings to come, and I will update this if any of the information is inaccurate, or if anyone has a headsup, thanks!

UPDATED: Figures have been spotted in the wild! Purchased via Thailand vendor on Facebook!

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