June 19/2019 ToyconPH Edition: #TOYNEWS #TodayonTOYSREVIL

These are just some of the TOYNEWS I'd come across my daily socials, dated June 19/2019 - with this particular post dedicated to the 2019 The Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention AKA "ToyconPH" - happening the weekend of June 28 to June 30 @ SMX Convention Center (SM Mall of Asia) in The Philippines! ...meanwhile, I'll be Facebooking and Tweeting too, Cheers :)

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Kurobokan will be releasing this "Fawn Pied" edition of their Daydream (Nimbus) vinyl toy, with 80pcs to be made available at the upcoming weekend event!

Look for them at @nikkolim's Hobbiestock Collectibles booth for $40 each. Updates via Insta @kurobokan.

Reminds me of a "adorable hamster", actually! Looks to be yet another release from their "American Kennel Club" / "AKC" series that you'll have to add to your Nimbus-collection!

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From ZiQi x Unbox Industries comes this special LITTLE DINO exclusive to @bigboystoystore. Neither quantity nor price revealed, but looks hecka thirst-quenching, no? I'd advise you folks to stay sharp!

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A coalition of Thailand designers will be making their way to The Philippines for the event, including @petmaneenilsai of NONWORLD, @si_am_ruf, @kaze_tee, @jwontoy and @pakka7 - who will exclusive editions of ELFIE & MINI!

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Thailand's @mupatoy will be offering up the MOCHI SHOOTING STAR version at ToyconPH, with this edition limited to only 5pcs! So stay sharp!

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Hariken from Japan will be offering up a fav at his Booth #20 (at International Toy Designers Alley): HALO-HALO Versions of his Softrolls sofubi figure! No quantity mentioned tho, so stay sharp, folks! Updates via Insta @harikenjp

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And finally revealed my @phtoycon exclusive Halo Halo Unicorn design toys! Just needs top coat. More WIP posts to follow soon =). I've been getting inquires so here's some more details: . - Apologies, this one is not eligible for pre-order or reservation. - limited edition (LE) of 20 (+2 personal copies AP artist proofs) - 1 per pax - ₱3000 php - 3" resin I will also be making an exclusive 1of1 6" as well as LE keychains 😄. I also think I'm gonna make the one off prototype v1 available since its a completed piece despite changing direction on the design last min. More details to follow ❤️ . This is my first major LE and I hope your enjoy it as much as I did making it! Thanks everyone for the love you thrown my way over this design 🙏. . #designertoys #unicorn #resin #toyconph2019 #toyconexclusive #halohalo #philippines #dessert #wip

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Singapore-based artist Jessica Emmett will be bringing a whole blessing of Unicorns to the weekend event, including HALO HALO UNICORNS (20pcs limited edition / ₱3000 php per / 3" resin), a one-off 6-inch tall HALO HALO UNICORN.!

WHITE PEARL UNICORNS - not exclusive to @phtoycon but the first 3" 10 (of 30) + 1 off 6" will be made first available there. Check out the releases scheduled in image captions here. Each 3" will be priced at ₱3000 php (10 available at ToyCon), and that OOAK 6" will be ₱7500 php (1 of 1 available first at ToyCon). Last but not least is THIS hand-painted (as are all her Unicorns) SKELETON UNICORN standing 6-inches tall, priced at 8700php at her booth #7 (International Designers section) ... the 3" SKELETON UNICORN is Reserved tho :p (please note this one is not an edition just first drop).

I'd recommend you stay connected to her Insta @jessica_emmett for WIPs, more reveals and THIS 12" x 16" one-off illustration of her Halo Halo Unicorn! .. which needs to be a "print", IMHO ... but you folks should go bug her about it instead :p

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From Art & Design Studio Happy Garaje comes "KAPITANA", exclusive to ToyconPH, in a run of 20pcs (*Of which only 15pcs will be made available t the event) of this hand-painted 6" tall resin character figure. Stay updated via their Insta @happygaraje, including a possible look at the illustration for the packaging!

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ANATOY from South Korea will be offering up two themed versions of their products, with ANA-TEQs (in collaboration with The Philippine's pwn Quiccs) and LITTLE BOBBY = both clad in the colors of their flag!

ANA-TEQs "Manila Killa"s will see 20-25pcs made available at the event (*20 spots were previously made available for pre-orders on Facebook). Price unknown.

ANATOY: Little Bobby 🇵🇭 Version will be limited to 20pcs. Price unknown.

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Witness the exclusive colorway of the resin cluckin' warrior named "BUCK" from Creon Chkn Head! Stay connected to his Insta @chknhead for updates, AND featured below is the previously SOLD OUT colorway release, for you visual reference of the smashing sculpt!

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And while the 6" tall "ZETA: Manila Killa" was revealed in a earlier post, folks and fans of Quiccs has yet another set of collectibles to look forward to: The "ZETA: Manila Killa - Toycon PH Exclusive Set"!
"The Zeta Manila Killa set features the standard 6" Vinyl Zeta Manila Killa, plus introducing the new 12" Resin Hand-painted MEGA ZETA and the new 3" Hand-painted Micro ZETA in the Manila Killa colorway!

Only 50 sets will be up for grabs at the Toycon weekend. Estimated local special price is 12,000 PHP / 240 USD! We will be opening pre-orders for a final set of 50 after the show for a future fulfillment. 200 Standard 6" Zeta's will be available for purchase separately while supplies last "
Apparently there will be THREE more @phtoycon 2019 exclusives to be revealed, so you might want to stay connected to Insta @quiccs for updates, and as well the Rules of Queuing system to purchase the items.

FYI: The "ZETA: Manila Killa" Toycon PH Exclusive Set is their second set in the Manila Killa Trilogy series, with the first launched with the TEQ63 Manila Killa set in 2018, and to be completed with the final secret Manila Killa set in 2020.

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Besides his BON-BON THE BUNNY release with New Zealand's @_yoiiii, Wetworks will also be debuting a brand new edition of his DEADSTOCK vinyl! And a new FOXY & XIN! All we get are these teasers, so you'll need to stay updated via his Insta @iamwetworks, leading to D-Day, and post-event online availability deets!

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Illustrator/Mecha Enthusiast Niel Marcelino AKA CHK_DSK has teased folks on his Insta @chk_dsk these two images of something he is "cooking up with @deviltoysltd", and it looks hella interesting! Will we see see vinyl production versions of his 4" resin "Carbine" figure? Updates when I have them!