ODETTE (Pearl White Edition) by Evangelione x iNCH LAB (Pre-orders begin June 16)

iNCH LAB will be launching their first vinyl designer figure for pre-orders online here starting 16th June (Sunday), Malaysia Time: 11pm (GMT+8). The figure in question is "ODETTE" by Evangelione (featured here in this post). She will have 3 colourways and will be launched by batches. The first colourway will be in Pearl White, with an expected delivery in 3rd Quarter 2019.

Sized (approx.) 12cm (H) x 8cm (L) x 6cm (W), ODETTE will be priced at US$85 per, with the single articulated figure (head) include a "flower" accessory, and come housed in a printed box. No specific quantities mentioned.

As well pre-order starts at the following locales:
- Thailand: WEE Toys Gallery 10pm (GMT+7)
- Taiwan: 玩老玩具 Playtoysforever 11pm (GMT+8)
- Japan: @Tomenosuke June 17, 12am (GMT+9)
- USA: Strange Cat Toys - Designer Toy Store 11am (GMT-5)
- USA: myplasticheart 11am (GMT-5)

ABOUT ODETTE: "Odette was inspired by the timeless romantic ballet tale of the “Swan Lake”. Odette is a beautiful princess who is under a spell of an evil sorcerer and now she is waiting for a vow of true love to break the spell.

Odette is Evangelione’s first vinyl figure. She has an articulation on her neck with a magnetic head flower accessory and comes with a nice window box which looks like an antique book."

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Evangelione is a Malaysian homegrown name founded by Yeo Mei Ying aka Tako. She is very well known for her arts and crafts. She started out as a miniaturist back in 2006 and moved on to specialize in doll making. She uses dolls as a medium to create artworks, installations and sculptures to tell stories. “Every doll has a little piece of my heart, so they all have a little little tiny heart, to care and to love,” she said.

ABOUT iNCH LAB: iNCH LAB was set up in March 2018 by four enthusiastic and passionate Malaysian who love, collect and appreciate designer art collectibles. Our mission is to help many up and coming new designers or artists from all around the world, mainly from South East Asia to grow their works and expose them to many parts of the world.

iNCH LAB provides the platform for artists to transform their artistic notions into Designer Art Collectibles.

We work closely with artists starting from an Idea which we carefully Nurture it with fun and love. Their ideas will be used to Create an innovative cross between sculptures and conceptual arts. Eventually the artists will have the opportunity to see their artistic ideas Hatched out into alternative presentation of their art or design in the form of Designer Art Collectibles.

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We are also ready to journey with the artists beyond Designer Art Collectibles where we hope to bring their ideas into the next level. Through licensing, we believe artists will have an expanded avenue to express their works as well as reaching more audiences.

iNCH LAB will be in charge of collaborating with artists, licensing, marketing, promoting, distributing and retailing their designer art collectibles.
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(Thanks for the headsup, DesignToys Jang)