Unruly Industries™ at San Diego Comic-Con 2019 (18-21 July)

Unruly Industries has had a pretty exciting weekend (to say the least), with the reveal of a ENTIRE collection of "Designer Toys" coming in from Sideshow Collectibles, which will greet folks at the coming San Diego Comic Con 2019 (18-21 July) via the Sideshow booth #1929 and Unruly Industries™ booth #2649!

"Our designer toys are pushing the boundaries of creativity and alternative art," said Erik Scoggan, Designer and Unruly Brand Manager. "We’re not only making licensed characters, such as Tracy Tubera’s stylized sneaker-focused Marvel Collection or Jose Pulido’s calavera-themed DC Collection, but also original characters, such as Magi and Maret from Craola’s Starry Knights universe. We are so excited to be a platform for artists to express their fandoms and original creations."

Unruly’s 16 designer toy products and prototypes will feature a diverse range of renowned and up-and-coming artists, including Greg “Craola” Simkins, Tony Riff, Jesse Hernandez the “Urban Aztec” and more!
Here are what had been announced over the past Saturday!

From artist @Chogrin comes the "Guru del Toro: Maestro of Monsters", featuring his visual aesthetics, as sculpted by @shyailu! This piece is inspired by the famed movie director Guillermo del Toro, and the gold finish truly provides a "idol" for folks to worship their cinematic genius with! Expect this to go up for pre-order in the near future (RSVP here).

"This figure is based on an #illustration I created in tribute to #GuillermodelToro and his filmography. Guillermo has always been a patron for misunderstood creatures and an inspiration for artists around the world. I wanted to create an image that captured all those things in one... And so, I give you #GurudelToro, Maestro of Monsters!" (@Chogrin)

Turn heads on the street with the new "Ghetto Blaster" from @kanokid, bringing "urban" back to "designer vinyl"! The aesthetics are unmistakably "KaNO", like his art literally walked off the 2D-page into 3D = and that's awesome enough, IMHO! RSVP here for pre-order "soon".... Now I want to know what the song be playing from the boombox! Gosh but I heart "toy-accessories" too ... yes, it looks moulded to the figure LOL

"BONEHEAD" by @TonyRiff is looking exceptionally amazing! Embodying the "urban streets" iconology, along with a distinct indie-comicbook character vibe that resonates personally with me, and I cannot wait to find out MORE about "Bonehead"! Check out a couple sketches from his IG of the character in different permutations:

This character is expected to go up for Pre-Order Tuesday August 13, 2019 between Noon and 3pm (Pacific Time). You can RSVP here.

This is Artist Tony Riff's second designer toy with Unruly, with the first being "I See Colours"!

Sideshow’s Unruly Industries reveals a TRIO of character toys with artist Greg "Craola" Simkins, starting with "STABBY" - a popular character associated with @craola, who even has his own Insta @stabbymack! More info on this guy for when further is revealed (RSVP here).

Besides the "dangerously cute", Unruly has revealed TWO characters from Craola's "Starry Night" fantasy-based concept, with "The Starry Knights Maret" and "The Starry Knights Magi". No further info besides these image reveals, and prompts for RSVP here and here, respectively.

"KING CHARLES" quite literally blew my mind! Created by @dull.toys, "King Charles - The Suicide King" sees a manifestation of a royal playing card character morphing into a magnificent harbinger of death, and I cannot WAIT to find out more about him! And maybe even the rest of the Royals...?

RSVP here ... and in addition, DULL will also be exhibiting at Booth #4623 at SDCC (alongside @davidigostuff and @orange_phantasm), where you might be able to snag some "King Charles" merch, while waiting for Unruly's release!

And while everything thus far has been unveiled but unavailable (unknown if "pre-orders" are available at SDCC tho :p), there will be one particular item since announced to be available: The GOLD Edition of THE MAD TITAN! Designed by Joe DellaGatta, neither quantity nor price revealed at this time, and according to this post, folks could "enter for a chance to win this convention exclusive collectible only at the Unruly Booth," besides purchasing in-person while supplies last only at the Sideshow booth. Check out the coloured edition featured here.

And to wrap up this exciting blogpost, is the reveal of "SPLOTCH" = a 3D manifestation of the Unruly Industries logo! And while no further details have been revealed for this "first edition", there have been plenty of images to share! For a split-second there, I'd thought Jamungo's "SQWERT" was making a "come back" too ... :)

Recent reveals from Jesse Hernandez and T.Wei!

And it's not just "toys", as Munky King has announced that the 12th Annual MK SDCC PARTY this year will be co-hosted by Unruly Industries / Sideshow (which makes utter sense, as @munkykingtoys has been supporting Unruly on their toyline).

MK-MESSAGE: "Early birds will receive a raffle ticket for free MK and Unruly products! Live painting with Kano, Luke Chueh, Bill McMullen, Mike ‘Poopbird’ Groves, Nooligan, and Jesse Hernandez. Paintings will be available for purchase via silent auction - closing at 1230am. BE EARLY!"

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