Celebrating 80 Years of Batman with Top Ten Batman Collectibles on TOYSREVIL

Celebrating 80 Years of Batman, here's my TOP TEN Favourite Batman-inspired collectibles - including Licensed Production Releases to Non-Licensed customs and homage limited runs (Because that's how TOYSREVIL's Toy-World Rolls), all linked to previous features (of course), some of whom are actually still available to purchase online! Let's take a look, shall we?

In no discerning order:

I had always been intrigued with UNI-FORMZ BATMAN VINYL from DC Direct, as sculpted by Monster5 (First seen at SDCC 2007), which I "might" have seen at a (former) local flea market, but never did snag it, regrettably. I am always down with "Super-Deformed" representations, and this licensed release check all the boxes for me: Angular Muscles Body (He's sculpted Muttpop figures = one of my fave muscled-roiled bodies in the toy-biz), Not too-small-head, stylised aesthetics.

Three editions of the 8-inch tall vinyl were available, and I am down with the OG/Yellow-on-Black version... I suppose I could still snag it on Amazon (for US99???).

What makes these 2014-released DARKKNIGHT RESIN DUNNY custom(s) by @mikedie exceptional, is the cape, and how it covers up half the "face" of said custom, making it hella mysterious and AWESOME!

CUSTOM MINICEL BATMAN by Filipino brothers known as @rotoboxvinylanatomica made its debut at San Diego Comic Con 2013 (alongside their 4" tall Minicel production figures), is one of the more adorable (non-licensed) customs of the Dark Knight Detective they have paid homage to, this time on their Minicel body-form, along with their taller Celsius body-forms (BOTH of whom are their own original designs), featuring clean lines and metallic sheen of awesome! Sometimes "simple" is enough and impactful, as the original designs of Batman are iconic, IMHO.

U.S.-based designer @tracytubera's "homage" to DC Comics' "Batman" is manifested unto "THE PROTRO KNIGHT" - in all its glorious 'roiled muscle-aesthetics - as per Tracy's art style - made by Mana Studios (in resin), and was made available at DesignerCon 2018.

(Renders featured here by @LYONbrandon)

From U.K.-based artisan @richpage at UME Toys comes BATWOK & KID-WONDER = A homage release in August 2019, using his own GeekWEok creation "cosplaying" the dark knight and boy wonder! Originally sculpted, casted and painted by Richard himself, the item has since SOLD OUT on his online store!

Hong Kong-based @foolsparadisetoys has oft drew inspiration from pop culture, and uses their "Lowfool" over-muscles character donning multiple guises, for their released, and in this particular instance, the all-black and yellow accented THE DARK RISE : 89' Edition, released for pre-orders in July 2017.

Out of the four licensed colorway editions released from 3A Toys, The last release known as the "STEEL DETECTIVE" is my favourite colorway (the other two were not half-bad: All-Black, Arctic ... not forgetting the "Retailers Exclusive" ), released in 2018.

Designed by Ashley Wood, "Steel Age" is a fictional re-design of DC Comics characters if they existed in a mechanical age. Besides Batman, they have also released a Joker 1/6th scaled articulated figure.

Another exceptional 1/6th-scaled licensed release, is this CMPLXD BATMAN from @bryanlieart x GLITCH - featuring his interpretation of the infamous character, dressed in the refined couture of his God Complex character, IMHO.

Released in 2018 (first seen in 2017), Bryan has since moved forth with his IMCMPLX line of 1/6th GOD COMPLEX character releases!

Its no "big mystery" I personally love m my SD or "Chibi"-styled character aesthetics/interpretations, and @pixelbudah AKA Karmieh Toy Design's BATSY 1989 EDITION sees the Dark Knight envisaged as a literal BAT-BABY, ever ready to fight crime in Gotham's nursery! Stands 6-inches tall (without base), this homage-release is currently still available online here for US$199! "Removable Pacifier" FTW?

DC Collectibles has tapped a variety of artist to interpret their stable of comic book characters and in particular their BATMAN is seen here re-envisaged by James Groman (Insta @jgroman60), with " BEWARE THE BAT-BEAST" available on toy-shelves in October 2019! I need to get my toy-review up and running!