Unbox & Friends Wave 2 for Sept 28 Worldwide Launch (Pre-orders Now)

Since my last WIP-post, and a smattering of online reveals and teasers, UNBOX & FRIENDS WAVE 2 blind box series has since been revealed, and launched for pre-orders, and thanks to a headsup from Strangecat Toys (Thanks, Cory!), we have more images to share!

@unboxindustries has as well announced the global launch to be September 28th (with store retailers and online stockists), with online pre-orders direct from themselves soon too.

Featuring character designs re-styled by Too Natthanpong (creator of Greenie & Elfie), Wave 2 consists of ten original sculpted designs by artists including Kenny Wong, ZiqiWu, Scott Tolleson, Jim Dreams & RETROBAND - images of which are showcased here in this blogpost.

Each figure stands (sits) approximately 5cm in height and is packaged with an information card & Unbox collectable coin that can be redeemed for exclusive Unbox goodies at a later date.

This toynews has come not too long after my Show You My Toys! features of the 1st Wave, so you have a visual reference to consider :)

U.S. based artist/designer Scott Tolleson's "FREKKLE" gets a brand new lease of toylife and joins the chibi-Unbox crew for the first time! Would LOVE to see both toy-carnations side-by-side too = TOO CUTE!

Hong Kong-based designer Kenny Wong's "DEVIL YU TONG" looks as adorably menacing as it does its 6-inch tall "adult" counterpart! What a "Daddy" & "Yu Tong" pair they would make...!

Thailand designer Too Natthapong contributes KEWII to join Wave 1's Greenie + Traveller Elfie + Elfie in chibi-form, officially being the designer with the most character creations in the series :)

Singapore-based / Malaysian-born ZiQi Wu of Monster Little's TriDino gets squishy and limey-green ~ BITE! BITE! BITE!

U.K.-based Pete Fowler's "SNORSE" joins the crew for the first time (even before its possible larger sized counterpart), under his Monsterism / Monsterism 2.0 brand/moniker.

USA-designer Retroband's "MEATS" (above-left) gets squishy from its 30cm tall toy-brethren, seen alongside the "boy with a drawn-on face - "NOPPERABO" by Unbox JP (above-right) joins the crew for the first time.

Hong Kong-based Jim Chan's "FANCY" (above-left) downsizes and joins CHUNK in chibi-form, while Japan's Refreshment Toy offers up "EXOTIC CAT CUPCAKE".

And for the first time, Unbox introduces a "corporate brand" item into the line-ip, featuring "MANUAL FACTORY BEAR" from Hong Kong's lifestyle brand; LOG-ON.

Strangecat Toys has it on pre-orders (Ships Sept 28th) priced at US$14.00 per blind box pull. No indications at all of individual character figure availability tho, so you will need to check in with your fav retailer(s). @strangecattoys listed; "Purchase a whole case and get 10 basic characters and 2 chase characters UNBOX & FRIENDS TOKENS."