Banksy's "Gross Domestic Product" Now Available Online

The beginning of the month of October 2019 saw Banksy unveiling and revealing a storefront in the United Kingdom (see video reactions above), showcasing a collection of lifestyle and art-themed products - of course with the Banksy-social-commentary-twist - in a shop that did not open to customers (quite literally just an attention-gabbing physical "shop front display"), which subsequently "closed shop" - which led to the products since listed in a Ecommerce Store via

The above feature image basically explains the situation, while featured here are (montaged) items from "Gross Domestic Product" to gawk and as well for you purchasing considerations - for which seems you'll need to jump thru a series of hurdles to get at...

Registering your interest: "We expect that demand for these products may outstrip supply. We have therefore limited the amount that people can buy to a maximum of one item per person. It may be that not all items will be available at the same time. In particular, some products are limited edition and where an edition size is stated not all of the edition will be available for purchase at this time. We reserve the right to add to or remove items from our website at any time and without notice.

If you are interested in buying an item on our website, you must first register your interest by completing and submitting the registration form on our site by 11:59pm (UK time) on the closing date stated on the registration form. You must provide all the details required by that form, including your answer to the tie-breaker question (which must be no more than 50 words). Your answer to tie-breaker question must not be discriminatory or hateful."
"There is no charge to register your interest. Registration does not commit you to buying anything, but neither does it guarantee that you will be able to buy anything.

By submitting an application to register your interest you agree to be bound by these Terms.

Multiple applications are not permitted; only one application can be made per person and per household. You must complete the application yourself. It must not be automatically generated by a computer or completed by a third party.

You must be aged 18 or over to register your interest."
(The rest of the Terms & Conditions)

There has been constant coverage of Banksy's art/work HERE on TOYSREVIL, and I am always fascinated with the layered and deceptively "simplicity" in the presentations of ideas and opinions, framed by a pop culture sensibility with maximum awareness curated with aplomb by the hypemasters and news-regurgitators (Hey! Folks Like TOYSREVIL, innit?) of the wwworld, and I LIKE IT!