coarse's "The Collector – Edition Zero" Pre-order at Rotofugi (Closes Dec 1st)

As part of their current gallery showing at @rotofugi, coarse will be unleashing "The Collector – Edition Zero" = available only to order by attendees of the November 2019 coarse exhibit "possession" at Rotofugi physically, and will not be sold online.
"The edition size will be determined by the number of pieces reserved by the exhibition’s closing on December 1st, and this final number will be laser-engraved into the wooden box."

Sized 16-inches tall, this vinyl collectible is priced at US$495 per set, with each order of this special edition set coming in a numbered wooden box, one screen print, "the Void sitting atop his masked Alpacumulus, a net of clouds floating impossibly behind him, and a rolled-up sleeping mat so he has a place to rest as he begins his new life." It has also since been mentioned that each person can order TWO sets, one for himself, and the other for his/her friend.

"The Collector – Edition Zero is the third volume in the coarse: Ethos series, which began with the reality-bending Cells and Strangers sculptures. The Void, rejected by both the outside world and the happiness that was once inside him, now finds solace in the things he loves. As he rides toward the edges of civilization, all his belongings trail him a net floating high above. His menacing mask wards off danger in this unknown territory while he wails into the sky, one last cry for love as he and his clouds become a speck on the horizon.⁣

This is a sculpture that honors what it means to be a collector even when the rest of the world might not understand us."

⁣Rotofugi Designer Toy Store & Gallery
2780 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL, US