DRAFFI (OG & Gold Draffi Editions) by Jessica Emmett for Singapore Comic Con 2019

Jessica Emmett has since revealed her DRAFFI resin collectible in the OG colorway, destined for a debut at Singapore Comic Con 2019 (7-8 December) via her own Booth TS28, with at least 20pcs of the Original Draffi color way to be had (above-left), alongside a uber-limited exclusive edition of 5 x GOLDEN DRAFFI to be had!

"Please note these are not eligible for reservations. These are also test pieces and hand painted so each piece may differ slightly. I have not decided yet if I'll hold back pieces for online yet. More details closer to the time =)" (@jessica_emmett)
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Here's how I do my flats with a brush. Thought I'd share. Soft flat brush is key. I prefer the multiple thin coats technique where I thin the paint but requires 2-3 layers. I tend to have paint drying issues if I put the layers on too thick, but other people seem to have luck with it just not me. Maybe the humidity? Using a flat brush I quickly and gently work the paint making sure all the strokes are gone before reloading my brush. In this case the first stroke I accidentally over loaded my brush so I quickly wipe away as much as possible and then wiped my brush on a tissue. Then I just keep working the paint outwards before the paint drys always checking there is no visible thick stroke. Once its dry the only way to get rid of strokes is to sand/remove it and start again. If one layer has a raised stroke it will likely be visible with every subsequent layers that come after. I dont have am airbrush and dont plan to get one any time soon. I like brush painting anyway but I will admit there has been a time or two that it like to do nice gradients which not impossible with a brush but would be easier with an airbrush but oh well that's a future thing if I ever get a dedicated studio space. #designertoys #draffi #painting #wip #yellowpaint #basecoat

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Designed, sculpted, self-casted and self-painted by Jessica herself, I'll encourage you to check out her Instagram (hashtag: #draffi) and/or Facebook to view her progress of bringing these pieces from starting concept doodle, to fully painted finish - which she very generously shares her process for - and of course stay connected for further product reveals and updates!