Ghostbusters [ECTO Trap 1] by Chino Lam for Art Vinyl HK 2019 (Nov 9-10)

Hong Kong toy designer Chino Lam shares with us images of his one-off creation, currently on show at the 2019 Edition of ART VINYL HK - Celebrating the 35th Anniversary of GHOSTBUSTERS - happening the weekend of Nov 9-10th at "The Space" in D2 Place, Hong Kong.

In addition to the previously featured "GHOST FISH" limited production pieces, Mr Lam has as well created a one-off special piece - showcased here!

Adapting the by-now-iconic ECTO-1 vehicle seen in the "Ghostbusters" movies, he had utilised said vehicle's equipment and the "ghost trap" as creative inspirations for this make, whereby he chose random parts and welded them together himself, with the result final little robot dubbed "[ECTO 1]"!

"From the very beginning, I have already decided to use the props and the equipments in the movie as the main theme. It is because I have always preferred the proton gun, and it is what makes the "ghostbusters" different from other ghost films. If there weren't any equipments, how could one catch ghosts?"
"Art, is the focus in Artvinyl (toy show), therefore, there is so much freedom to create and design for this show. With my design this time, I have committed full heartedly to assemble it casually, I had so much fun, which is the reason why I keep on creating." (@chinolam2016)