GoodGuysNeverWin Toys Invade Singapore with SETAN LOKAL!

Prepare yourselves for Indonesian toy-makers GoodGuysNeverWin Toys' line of "SETAN LOKAL" collectible figures to be available at both Singapore Comic Con 2019 (December 7-8) and Culture Cartel 2019 (6-8 December) this weekend - and yes, you read this right, @ggnwtoys will be boothing at BOTH events simultaneously! Bring CASH, folks!

And stay tuned to their Instagram and Facebook for MORE reveals and updates!

Based on South-East Asian horror-myth and folklore, the Setan Lokal ("roughly translates to "local demons") line of blister-carded pre-painted resin figures, GoodGuysNeverWin Toys is currently the sole purveyor of this niche genre in a indie-Asian toy culture... that if you remove from the blister to display, you might worry they'll come to toy-life while you sleep, and attack you in your dreams! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

I snagged myself a couple of SETAN LOKAL / "Setan Singapura"-themed figures back in 2018, and you should check out my coverage of their Booth at BigBigCon or their line-up of goodness to be had at SGCC Stand TS3 ... and stay tuned to TOYSREVIL for another Culture Cartel-dedicated feature to come!